Friday, October 7, 2011

A Visit to Schnepf Farms

Pumpkins on the Farm

Today we spent the afternoon until dusk at Schnepf Farms located in Queen Creek, AZ. It's a working farm and is open all year long for picking all kinds of vegetables and fruit. They have several festivals every year including a neat peach festival in May. The whole month of October is their Pumpkin and Chili Party which includes all kinds of fanfare, shows, rides, food, a corn maze, petting zoo, and lots of pumpkins! We went through the corn maze which was fun and caught a K-9 frisbee show with some cute doggies running around catching frisbees.

Our target was pumpkins and we had a lot to choose from! I'm always looking for the perfect shape but of course, pumpkins aren't perfect and have their quirks so I settle for almost perfect ;) A sincere pumpkin of course!

We selected 2 large pumpkins with interesting stems--another feature I look for--and a small cute little pumpkin to go along with some other pumpkins I've been picking up at the grocery store and farmer's markets over the last couple of weeks. I've yet to get a white pumpkin though, they didn't have those at Schnepf farms, so I'll be checking out the stores for those.

Pretty Peacock

Part of a hay bale from a kids' hay bale maze.

Woolly sheep!

Lost in the corn maze!

If you're ever in the Queen Creek, AZ area, I recommend a visit to Schnepf Farms. They've got a great shop there too with all kinds of canned goodies. We ended up with pumpkin butter, cherry amaretto preserves, cherry blueberry preserves, and peach preserves. Can't wait to dig into those!



snowbear said...

Cool... I heard pumpkins were not in the best of shape due to the weather.. but maybe that is in my area. Love the peacock...

Jenn said...

I heard that due tot he hurricane, they might be in shorter supply in the Northeast, out here in AZ, I've seen about the same amount as usual in the stores so it hasn't affected us I don't guess.


Anna of Halloween Night said...

Neat! Sounds like a fun day out! I had my wedding at our local pumpkin patch/farm. I love going back and visiting during the Halloween season. They have had great success with their pumpkins even though it was horribly dry here this summer. It's nice to know that other farms did well!

Halloween Crazy! said...

Nice to see AZ has nice pumpkin patch/farms. Don't see many around Austin, TX. Formerly from Western WA were there were many. We miss them. Thanks for sharing so we could pretend to be there with you.