Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crafty Halloween Ideas #2

Crafty Halloween Ideas #2 - Cameo Pumpkins

Here's a pumpkin project you might like--it's from a feature in the October 1998 issue of Martha Stewart Living. I'll be highlighting some of my favorite ideas from her past October issues throughout the month.

I love silhouettes and cameos so this particular project stood out to me. I haven't tried it myself, but may attempt to do so this year for my particular theme. With faux pumpkins so I can keep them. But I think they look really great carved into these real pumpkins and I love the stems on them.

Cut out a desired cameo style silhouette at the right size for your pumpkin and use it as a stencil to draw the outline onto your pumpkin-either carve it out or carve away from it as shown above.


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snowbear said...

I used to love to carve pumpkins when we had parties.. I always wanted to buy Martha's pumpkin carving tool kit. I have not done a faux pumpkin.