Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct. 10 - Day 10: Vintage Halloween Party Games

Old-Time Halloween Party Games #1

The 1933 Dennison's Halloween Book has several party game suggestions I thought I'd share a couple of them:

Bobbing for Apples

The time-honored way to do this is to have two tubs, one for the boys and another for the girls. In the boys' tub, float as many apples as there are players and around the stem of each attach tightly a slip of paper on which is written the name of a girl. Boys' names should be attached to the stems of the girls' apples.

The person who successfully extracts an apple with his teeth while kneeling beside the tub, his hands fastened tightly behind him, will find the name of his future mate written on the paper.

Instead of having two tubs, one may be used, in which case stemless apples are used and the first one to extract an apple will be the first to be married.

Jack o' Lantern

The children kneel on the floor forming a circle. There is a cardboard pumpkin for each player. On the back of one of them is written "Jack o' Lantern." The pumpkins are placed face up in a circle on the floor, one in front of each child.

At the word "Go," the pumpkins are to be passed to the right by placing a forefinger on one of them and pushing it along. This should be done as rapidly as possible while the leader counts slowly up to ten. When she calls "Stop," the pumpkins are turned over and the child under whose finger was the "Jack o' Lantern" is eliminated. The leader then redistributes the pumpkins so that the location of "Jack" will not be known and the game continues until all but one have been eliminated.



snowbear said...

Cute games for kids... please share more!

~~Carol~~ said...

I wonder if anyone still does Bobbing For Apples at parties. My friend wouldn't allow it at her daughter's party because she's a germaphobe!I also like the clip art that Martha Stewart has in her magazine for Pin The Tail On The Cat!

Len said...

What great graphics on the party book.

*SHeRRy B* said...

Love the games! What fun!

Anna of Halloween Night said...

How fun!! Will definitely remember the Jack O Lantern game! I have never bobbed for apples, but I always thought it looked like fun! I, too, would love to see more game ideas from the Dennison books!