Friday, October 7, 2011

Oct. 7 - Day 7: Vintage Halloween Games

Vintage Halloween Games

One of my favorite collectibles are vintage Halloween games. These can range from inexpensive punch games to spendy games that run in the hundreds!

I'm showcasing a variety of games here in this posting I've seen at eBay in the last day or so that are ending shortly. There is a plethora of them listed right now since it's the right time of year for sellers to catch our eye especially.

Most games were based on fortunes or stunts or both and some involved dexterity puzzles or cards or simply bingo.

Some of the neatest games were made by Beistle and the imagery on them is fabulous.

We have several reproduction and vintage style games in our Vintage Halloween Store that involve fortunes and stunts, pin the tail type games, and dexterity games.



LuLu Kellogg said...

Jenn...these are wonderful!! Thank you for posting these! I love old Halloween games!


snowbear said...

I just LOVE those games.. I wonder how well they would go over in today's era....i would think they would be great.

Anna of Halloween Night said...

These are so neat, would love to own one someday.