Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct. 5 - Day 5: Collecting Vintage Halloween

Collecting Vintage Halloween - Resources

One of the most complete guides to collecting vintage Halloween collectibles is Mark Ledenbach's Vintage Halloween Collectibles guide. His website is also a wealth of information and he blogs about current and past eBay auctions giving collectors advice. It comes highly recommended.

Another source for Beistle decorations is Claire Lavin's Timeless Halloween Collectibles - it's really great and the photography is nice too. Seeing all the great Beistle decorations and learning more about them is a must for collectors.

The first collecting guide I came across was Stuart Schneider's Halloween in America--he's got a new edition out but I haven't seen it just yet.

You can get a basic overview of collecting and more links to these and other guides at my website.



Halloween Crazy! said...

I love educating myself on Halloween collectibles, but with prices so high I am happy with reproductions. I LOVE vintage style old or new. Thank you for the resources. I wish there was a book on new vintage items as well. Do you know of any?

Jenn said...

I don't know of any that focus on the new vintage style items. It seems to me that I read where one of the Halloween Queen's guides also shows some contemporary folk art in it.

I hear you on the prices of vintage :)One thing you can do is wait until Halloween passes and the dust settles so to speak and then check out eBay--there are always regular collectors of Halloween but prices on some fairly easy to find items will go down a bit after the Halloween buying frenzy is over.

Also, you might just focus on getting a few inexpensive items to represent the various types of collectibles for a neat display rather than trying to collect a lot of everything--maybe one lantern, one noisemaker, one game and so forth and then you can create a neat little display each year with a little something vintage to mix in with the vintage style items you have.


Halloween Crazy! said...

Great advise! Thanks.

Anna of Halloween Night said...

Thank you for the info on the guides! I really want to get these and read through them! Also, thanks for the tip on waiting until after Halloween to check out ebay, never thought about that! :)

snowbear said...

I have seen Mark's book before... i love to browse through it! Should see if the library has the others.