Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oct. 16 - Day 16: Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween

Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween

I really enjoyed the 2011 issue of Celebrate Halloween! The cover features a cake covered in eyes and some cute flags.

Here are some highlights I enjoyed:

The metallic carved pumpkin table display of treats and sweets.

The Johanna Parker profile is really nice too and features some neat images of her work!

The cat and owl Johanna Parker cupcake pick templates are great.

Being a mystery and Nancy Drew fan I was delighted to see the Mystery Book Club Dinner Halloween Party theme piece--it featured all kinds of fun mystery theme decor and used the Nancy Drew silhouette on some of the printables. I almost fell over int he floor when I saw it as you don't see Nancy Drew done like this a lot and since Country Living was doing the Nancy Drew collecting spread, it was so neat to see her show up in two big magazines! Other mystery characters include Miss Marple, Perry Mason, The Hardy Boys, Sherlock Holmes, Nero Wolfe and many other neat ones.

Matthew Mead has a piece in here too titled "A Ghostly Gathering" which was clever.

A Mustache Bash was clever too. Lots of fun recipes in this magazine also. You can print all the templates from the magazine at the Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate website.



Farmer Waltz said...

I don't know if you'v ever seen this book, but it's awesome. I bought it at Old Navy of all places.

Jenn said...

Yes--it's an interesting one! Lots of great photos of vintage items. I think I found my copy at B&N a couple of years ago.


dragonmamma said...

I downloaded the PDF of the picks; I need my husband to do something about the size, because right now each one is bigger than a cupcake!

snowbear said...

Her magazines are always great!