Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct. 4 - Day 4: Vintage Halloween Invitations

Vintage Halloween Party Invites

Here is a sampling of some vintage Halloween invites I spotted at eBay. They're quaint and pretty simple in design and wording.

If you're looking for ideas for your party invites this year and you want to go vintage but don't have a lot of time to get crafty, just photocopy some vintage invites to use for your party. Embellish them with sparkles or glitter if you like. Or if you have time to be even craftier, use vintage image and make your own.

I like the "Kindly respond to" on the above invitation.

One of my favorite invitation wordings that I use on some cards in our Halloween shop is the following:

Come, Jack'o'-Lanterns, gather, And Jill-o'-Lanterns, too. Meet at the Witch's Hollow And Taste the Witch's Brew. The Password's, flying broomsticks, Cat's Green Eyes, Me-ouw, So if you would be jolly Just come, we'll show you how.

This Hallmark invite isn't as old--but I like the silhouette of the witch on it:



Halloween Crazy! said...

I think these invitations are amazing. My favorite part of Halloween party planning each year is coming up with unique wording or a poem to send my guests.

Anna of Halloween Night said...

Love these invitations!

snowbear said...

I love these invitations... i would like to do a vintage witches brew party.. those would be good for that. I do like that wording ...cute. Silhouette is great!


These vintage invitations are so fun.
I really enjoyed seeing them! :)