Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct. 6 - Day 6: Vintage Lanterns

Vintage Halloween Lanterns

It wouldn't be Halloween with some kind of jack o' lantern! Whether you're carving the real thing or lighting up one of these vintage papier mache lanterns--there's just something spooky and inviting about the glow inside a lantern. They even come in styles like the cat pictured above.

Lanterns have been reproduced and expert Mark Ledenbach has a section on his website that deals with figuring out if you may be looking at a reproduction or not.

Vintage lanterns can range from $50.00 into the hundreds and more depending on the style, age, and shape. Those pictured here are some I spotted on eBay years ago.

I own several lanterns--very basic ones, this is not a category I spend a lot of time collecting due to the expense but I enjoy displaying mine. I found mine in an antique mall.



~~Carol~~ said...

I'd be so happy to find just one of these, because I know I can't afford a collection of them either. Loving your daily posts this month!

snowbear said...

Those vintage pumpkins are so neat!

Jenn said...

Thanks! Check eBay after the dust settles after Halloween and you might find a simpler lantern you can pick up somewhat inexpensively. Sometimes if you settle for those without inserts anymore, they'll sell for less than those with inserts. With inserts, you have to worry about reproductions too.


Anna of Halloween Night said...

I've been after one of these pumpkin lanterns for a few years now, love them!