Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct. 30 - Day 30: Halloween Party Sneak Peek

Halloween 2011 Party

Had my annual Nancy Drew Halloween party last night. The theme was The Hidden Staircase and so the house was a "haunted house." I went with a mostly black and white theme and here's a few images from the party--will post more tomorrow.

A great way to cover up your existing paintings is to "haunt" them with covers like these I created using white poster board and black construction paper for the ghostly faces.

The overturned vase was perfect for some dried Spanish moss and skulls.

Some of my noisemakers graced an old desk covered with filmy white material.

Outside sat some faux stone steps and a lantern I made using vellum I printed with silhouettes.



Lisa said...

I love how you've decorated! I'm having my spooky party tonight, and you have given me some good ideas! Love your site!

halloween spirit said...

Such wonderful ideas! It seems like the perfect party. Combining two of my great loves: Halloween and Nancy Drew. :)

snowbear said...

Love that lantern!