Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vintage Halloween 2013 Calendars

2013 Vintage Halloween Calendar

We have created a festive calendar for 2013 for Halloween collectors and fans: A Bewitching Year of Hallowe'en! It's available in our Cafe Press shop and also in The Vintage Halloween Store.

12 months of vintage Halloween post card images featuring witches and also several old-time postcard sayings. Spiral bound and comes printed on heavy glossy cardstock paper. Very nice quality!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Vintage Halloween Fortune Verses Set

This neat set of Fortune Verses sold at eBay today for $372.87!


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween - Make it a Spooktacular One!


I hope everyone's Halloween is most Spooktacular this year :) Whether you're out trick or treating, throwing a party, or just giving out candy to the kids, have a most haunting and bewitching night! To our spooksters back East in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, stay safe!

I want to thank you all for making this year at Vintage Halloween so great :-)  


Halloween Countdown - Oct. 31

This spooky old-time lantern of a skull/ghostly ghoul recently sold at eBay - for $1026.00!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vintage Halloween Store Clearance Sales!

Vintage Halloween Store - Sales & Clearance!

Happy Halloween to you all :) I've lowered most prices at the store including items already on sale and started clearance of the Martha Stewart 2012 Halloween Line, Vintage Beistle Line, and some of the Johanna Parker items! Bethany Lowe too. Check out the goodies at the shop and stock up and save!


Halloween Countdown - Oct. 30

This neat plastic Halloween toy - witch on a rocket - sold at eBay for $637.85!


2012 Nancy Drew Halloween Party

Nancy Drew & 
The Witch Tree Symbol
Halloween Party

While we weren't bewitched by any "hexes" or waylaid by a villain, we did have a lot of fun at my annual Nancy Drew Halloween Party! In keeping with a "spookier" theme, I chose #33 in the classic Nancy Drew series, The Witch Tree Symbol, as the inspiration for the party. In the story Nancy, Bess, and George travel to Pennsylvania to search for missing furniture and uncover the meaning behind the witch tree symbol hex sign that keeps appearing.

So, the theme centered around the book and witches and spooky trees. In the book Nancy is accused of being a witch by the villain who even paints her likeness on a flying witch he paints on an Amish family's barn. Luckily this year there were lots of spooky trees in the craft stores that I picked up over the last several months to use in my decorating.

 Nancy as a "witch" from the Cameo edition of Witch Tree Symbol (see below) - I added a magnifying glass.

Martha Stewart Halloween Witch window silhouette in the upstairs window and I added moon/stars on the left side.

Front studio windows with skeleton, witch, owl in tree from the Martha Stewart Halloween window silhouettes line.

Witch Tree w/ Symbol on Porch as in the book.

 Setting the scene in the dining room

Lots of lanterns!

Witch Tree above dessert buffet inside

Ghostly Portraits guard the goody bags!

Good Bags were tree bags with witches, Cameo Witch Tree Trick or Treat Stickers, candy including "witchs' warts" plus a witch tree button, witch finger, and BrewBerry anti-bacterial hand gel from Bath & Body Works with cute witch image. Martha Stewart's witch/tree goody bags came in handy this year!

Some spooky framed art haunts the walls along with a flock of bats. I purchased some inexpensive wood cutout frames at Michael's and painted them black and added printed images. This was a perfect way to change the decor in the room while I stored paintings in a closet temporarily.

Bess would approve of these snacks! Some of my vintage Halloween noisemakers on the buffet. Rice Krispie "Cupcakes" with black/orange frosting. Cameo Witch Tree Cupcake Pick to top it.

The Reese's PB Cookie Cups are delish! Made them again this year.

In the gift exchange, I made an old-time Halloween cone using a paper mache cone, filled it with treats and fringe and added a beaded handle with some Nancy Drew charms. The recipient holds it above.

Hope you all have a spooky Halloween!


Week 4 Prize Winner - Johanna Parker Garland

Winner of Week 4 Johanna Parker Garland is...


Please e-mail me at webmaster (at) and I'll send out the garland to you.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 29

Dennison Halloween Crepe Paper

Check out this neat Dennison crepe paper! Sold for $577.89 at eBay recently, for a 20" x 7.5' piece.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 28

This amazing Halloween lantern made in Germany sold at eBay for $676.66! I love the detail in this piece.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 27

Dennison Bogie Book

Collectors love these vintage Dennison Bogie Books for all the great party ideas and vintage collectible items pictured! This one recently sold at eBay for $303.33.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 26

Vintage Beistle Halloween Centerpiece

What do you think this Beistle centerpiece sold for? $314.99!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 25

Witch's Mystery Answer Game

Sold for $404.99 recently at eBay - this Beistle game fetched a nice ending price!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 24

Vintage Beistle Lantern

Not as exciting as the spookier version currently coveted by collectors, but this earlier version commanded a $475.00 ending bid at eBay recently.


Witchy Oreo Ad

Have you seen this Halloween Oreos ad? I like it, looks just like striped witches' socks!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 4 Prize - Johanna Parker Halloween Garland

 Week 4 Prize Giveaway

This week's prize is one of Johanna Parker's neat Halloween garlands from Bethany Lowe! Disneyland purchased a lot of these festive garlands for their Halloween decorating this year! To enter, leave a comment on any of the Blog postings through the 28th this week and you'll be entered into the drawing. Winner to be announced on Monday, October 29. (Comments are moderated due to spammers, so your comment might not appear for a little while--no worries, it will once approved!)

To view more of our Spooktacular products, visit The Vintage Halloween Store.

Last week's winner of the Hallo Ladies Case is: Snowbear/Kathy!


Halloween Countdown - Oct. 23

Beistle Flaming Candle Fortune Centerpiece

This neat Beistle piece sold recently for $676.66 at eBay!


Halloween & October Magazines

Wrap up of Halloween/October Magazines

This year's spate of Halloween theme and October magazines seemed to be less than usual on the stands - I didn't find as many as past years and quite a few were lacking majorly in content! This could be due to economic/budgeting issues. One of the main things in most magazines was the typical "pumpkin carving" article. Some only had a pumpkin carving article or pumpkin decorating piece and nothing more! While I enjoy pumpkin carving and decorating, it started to become a running joke at the newsstand ;-)

Enter Food Network's October 2012 Magazine. The cover shouts out "Pumpkin Carving Ideas." Rolling my eyes, I thumbed through the issue and to my delight, there was much more content than just pumpkins! Where other magazines were lackluster this season, the Food Network October issue was purchased.

In this issue, they actually devoted a special section to Halloween which was a pleasant surprise. Here's some of the neat Halloween/Fall things in this issue:

- Page devoted to retro Trick or Treat bags

-  Page on winter squash and pumpkins - varieties and info about them which was great!

- Pumpkin Recipes

- Vampire Inspired Party Menu

- 50 things to make with Apples, 

- Candy Corn Recipe

- Jol Candy Bucket Cake

- Halloween Cupcakes


Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 22

Vintage Halloween Cymbal Noisemakers

Wow! Ending price for these 2 tin cymbals? $1025.50! Sold at eBay recently. 


Martha Stewart Living October 2012 Issue

October 2012 Martha Stewart Living

I always wait eagerly every season for the October issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine - if anyone is going to do Halloween justice, it's usually been Martha Stewart Living! Their special Halloween issue out this year was a reprint of a past year's, so I didn't expect heavy content in this year's issue, but it still felt a little light on Halloween content and even more about Fall than Halloween. There were also two covers for this issue with the above cover being sent to subscribers.

In this issue, there was a short blurb about 2 Jack O' Lantern festivals, pumpkin carving, wicked Halloween make-up look, Fun House/Carnival theme party (I liked the black rubber duckies shown above) and these Good Things: spiderweb pancakes, caramel apple/popcorn upgrades, flying bats, candy-corn dots. It was unfortunately, a bit underwhelming this time, though I enjoyed what was in this issue.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 21

Celluloid Witch

Interesting celluloid witch - with a sweetly sinister expression, sold for $885.21 at eBay!


Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween 2012

Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Halloween 2012 Issue

The 2012 issue of Celebrate Halloween is full of festive tricks and treats! There's a pumpkin decorating article and then some "devilish decorating" which features spooky old-time portraits, specimen domes, and creepy crawlers.

Theme parties include House of Haunts, Boo It's A Birthday, Black & White Cocktail, Dinner on the Darkside, and some recipes for entertaining plus an article on caramel apples.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 20

Beistle Jointed Goblin

Final result of this auction at eBay, sold for $821.01 - mint in package!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 19

German Halloween Devilish Lantern

This lantern sold for $720.00 at eBay.


Halloween Hand Bag Sale!

Vintage Halloween Store - Handbag Sale!

We've got a Big Sale this week on our Hallo Ladies & Silhouette Handbags, Cases, & Coin Purses! Visit The Vintage Halloween Store to check them out. Some styles shown here, more in the shop.