Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween & October Magazines

Wrap up of Halloween/October Magazines

This year's spate of Halloween theme and October magazines seemed to be less than usual on the stands - I didn't find as many as past years and quite a few were lacking majorly in content! This could be due to economic/budgeting issues. One of the main things in most magazines was the typical "pumpkin carving" article. Some only had a pumpkin carving article or pumpkin decorating piece and nothing more! While I enjoy pumpkin carving and decorating, it started to become a running joke at the newsstand ;-)

Enter Food Network's October 2012 Magazine. The cover shouts out "Pumpkin Carving Ideas." Rolling my eyes, I thumbed through the issue and to my delight, there was much more content than just pumpkins! Where other magazines were lackluster this season, the Food Network October issue was purchased.

In this issue, they actually devoted a special section to Halloween which was a pleasant surprise. Here's some of the neat Halloween/Fall things in this issue:

- Page devoted to retro Trick or Treat bags

-  Page on winter squash and pumpkins - varieties and info about them which was great!

- Pumpkin Recipes

- Vampire Inspired Party Menu

- 50 things to make with Apples, 

- Candy Corn Recipe

- Jol Candy Bucket Cake

- Halloween Cupcakes


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snowbear said...

I will have to check out this issue.. the trick or treat bags sound interesting...as well as the vampire menu!