Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween at World Market

Halloween at World Market

I enjoyed my stop at World Market to see all the Halloween goodies out! Above is a cat shaped bottle of wine! Clever :)

Below are some of the spooky things that caught my eye:

 Bony Servers

 Glass Cloches

 Spells "Books"

 Witch Boot Vases

 Owl Signs & Owls

 Bucket w/ Vintage Postcard Images

 Owl Lanterns

 Cat & Jol Wind Chimes

 Felt Owl/Jol Loot Bags

Party Horns



Old Fashion Halloween said...

They always sell out of the lanterns so I need to get to my store and buy some more!

snowbear said...

Oh Man!!!! They closed our World Market and I have tried so many times to get one of those Cats...not sure if it's the same thing.. they have a wine called black cat.. that comes in a black cat decanter.... it was one of life's disappointments when they closed our world market.. as it was i had to travel nearly an hour to get there.