Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween at Target #2

Halloween at Target #2

On my recent shopping trip to Target, I also thought these items were pretty neat - the large lantern and the smaller witch lanterns, the neat treat bags with "Poison" and "Venomous," the poison dishes and plates, and lots of other goodies:

 Treat Sacks

 Witch Lanterns

 Jol Wreath

 Poison Dishes

 Skull Candle

 Poison Plates

 Witch Tissue Fan

 Patterned Plates

Like Twister, but Spookier!



snowbear said...

I need to go to Target... oh my! I love those striped plate and the Lanterns!!!!!!! How awesome are those lanterns!!

A Spooky Soiree said...

Spooky twister?? I'm in!!

snowbear said...

I made it to Target... things go so fast there!!! :(