Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012 Nancy Drew Halloween Party

Nancy Drew & 
The Witch Tree Symbol
Halloween Party

While we weren't bewitched by any "hexes" or waylaid by a villain, we did have a lot of fun at my annual Nancy Drew Halloween Party! In keeping with a "spookier" theme, I chose #33 in the classic Nancy Drew series, The Witch Tree Symbol, as the inspiration for the party. In the story Nancy, Bess, and George travel to Pennsylvania to search for missing furniture and uncover the meaning behind the witch tree symbol hex sign that keeps appearing.

So, the theme centered around the book and witches and spooky trees. In the book Nancy is accused of being a witch by the villain who even paints her likeness on a flying witch he paints on an Amish family's barn. Luckily this year there were lots of spooky trees in the craft stores that I picked up over the last several months to use in my decorating.

 Nancy as a "witch" from the Cameo edition of Witch Tree Symbol (see below) - I added a magnifying glass.

Martha Stewart Halloween Witch window silhouette in the upstairs window and I added moon/stars on the left side.

Front studio windows with skeleton, witch, owl in tree from the Martha Stewart Halloween window silhouettes line.

Witch Tree w/ Symbol on Porch as in the book.

 Setting the scene in the dining room

Lots of lanterns!

Witch Tree above dessert buffet inside

Ghostly Portraits guard the goody bags!

Good Bags were tree bags with witches, Cameo Witch Tree Trick or Treat Stickers, candy including "witchs' warts" plus a witch tree button, witch finger, and BrewBerry anti-bacterial hand gel from Bath & Body Works with cute witch image. Martha Stewart's witch/tree goody bags came in handy this year!

Some spooky framed art haunts the walls along with a flock of bats. I purchased some inexpensive wood cutout frames at Michael's and painted them black and added printed images. This was a perfect way to change the decor in the room while I stored paintings in a closet temporarily.

Bess would approve of these snacks! Some of my vintage Halloween noisemakers on the buffet. Rice Krispie "Cupcakes" with black/orange frosting. Cameo Witch Tree Cupcake Pick to top it.

The Reese's PB Cookie Cups are delish! Made them again this year.

In the gift exchange, I made an old-time Halloween cone using a paper mache cone, filled it with treats and fringe and added a beaded handle with some Nancy Drew charms. The recipient holds it above.

Hope you all have a spooky Halloween!



snowbear said...

Fabulous!!! How much fun is that!!! Love it all...

halloween spirit said...

Two of my favourite things! Halloween and classic Nancy Drew. Great ideas!