Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 3

Games for Hallowe'en
By Mary E. Blain

I have this particular Halloween Book that I purchased "naked" without the dust jacket some years ago on eBay. I recently saw this in a completed search at eBay with the dust jacket which I'd never seen before. The listing was for $49 or buy it now for $149 and there were no takers. The dust jacket was in pretty worn shape and quite aged/soiled. But I loved seeing the original art on the jacket. Another listing which sold for around $37 had a far worse condition dust jacket--most of the top of the jacket was missing.



Seeing Things said...

Such a cool piece! I would love to see some of the games. Anything that today's savvy kids would enjoy?

Jenn said...

Good q' about kids today--the younger ones would probably love any older game from bobbing to apples to various fortune/stunt ones. Older kids--not sure :)

snowbear said...

Jenn i imagine the older kids would roll their eyes... but the younger ones might enjoy.. I too would love to see the contents of this book... maybe there is a neat game in there and maybe add a new twist.