Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Countdown - Oct. 5

Mark Craven Collection

I was perusing eBay when I noticed that well known Halloween collector Mark Craven is downsizing his collection and selling some of his collection there. You can check out his auctions by clicking here.

He notes the following in his auctions, "Please note:  As a long time vintage Halloween collector, I’m going through my first major downsizing of my collection. I urge you to stay tuned and keep your eye out for the many wonderful and rare pieces I will be selling over the next few months! Thanks for your continued interest in my items... and Happy Halloween to all!"

Here is a sampling of what he's offering at auction this week:



*SHeRRy B* said...

Thanks! Off to check it out!

snowbear said...

How fun it must have been to use those noise makers! They are awesome looking... wonder if they were difficult to swirl around though since they look somewhat large.

Jenn said...

I think the noisemakers aren't too large--so they should still be good for a twirl or two or more :)