Saturday, October 5, 2013

Keen Halloween - Halloween Show

This past weekend we were at Keen Halloween in Phoenix, AZ - a Halloween show in it's second year with a retro style. I thought I'd share pictures of my booth. It was my first show, so I've realized, 2 booths is necessary to really display things better. I liked how my booth turned out though.I give big thanks to Ronda at Old Fashion Halloween for the suggestion of the black wire cube shelves from Target for displaying, they came in handy!



Old Fashion Halloween said...

Hope it was a great show. Your table set up looks great. The big pumpkin to draw the eye up and make you easy to find was awesome.

Jenn said...

Thanks :) I love the big pumpkin--got it at Target and they also had black ones. I went back and got a 2nd one to hang these 2 outside on the house for lanterns for Halloween. The show was OK - it needs growth for sure and a following and some of it wasn't overly retro Halloween, so I think hopefully as it grows, we'll see more of that at the show.