Monday, October 7, 2013

Countdown to Halloween - Oct. 7 - Vintage Dennison Collectibles

Collecting Vintage Dennison

Collectors of vintage Dennison cutouts, crepe, party goods, and Bogie books appreciate the old-time nostalgic look of these collectibles. The Bogie books can be very expensive to collect, though some have been reproduced if you want to purchase something less expensive to get the vintage party ideas and suggestions.

I've always liked the pumpkin above with the cats for eyes and nose and the bat mouth. A great thing about the Bogie books too is that they list the available products for that year, so you can see a nice sampling of what was available at the time.


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snowbear said...

Love the pumpkins cat eyes and bat mouth... as well as the Bogie Books... I thought there was a link somewhere to see all the old issues and what they contain... I don't recall though. I would love to see what is contained in them...