Friday, October 4, 2013

Countdown to Halloween - Oct. 4 - 2013 Halloween at Target #1

27 Days to Go!

Here's some goodies I took pics of while in Target! I was impressed with Target this year, found lots of things that were fun and since my Halloween theme this year involves "poison," they had quite a few "poison" things that would work including some tumbler glasses I picked up to go with my green "poison" punch.

The animated wolf skull below was cool. The costume prop with the red devilish skeleton was creepy for sure, but something I hadn't seen before--this could be re-purposed for a prop instead of being used as a costume. Even without the horns, just painting a skeleton red would be pretty different and fun for Halloween. The design on the storage containers I liked and I got an orange and black one to use in displays at my table at a Halloween show to put Beistle paper decorations in.


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