Sunday, September 8, 2013

Woman's World 2013 Halloween Special Issue

I picked up the Celebrate with Woman's World Halloween issue this week. I'm not remembering if they'd put out a special issue before, but found this one when looking for the Woman's Day Halloween special issue--never found it. Found out later they are no longer publishing a special Halloween issue. This Woman's World Halloween issue was fun--enjoyed some of the ideas including these Halloween treat sacks below--the stickers featured on them, you can purchase at The Vintage Halloween Store - we have a set with some of these in it which I've pictured below. Other great ideas including glittered pumpkins and the neat treat cone.


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snowbear said...

This is the magazine I mentioned I'm going to borrow from my neighbor..Barnes and Noble didn't have it. I will have to look through it again to recall what i liked.. I do remember them using beakers for drinks.. i liked that look.