Saturday, September 21, 2013

Collecting Vintage Halloween - Beistle Lantern

The vintage Halloween Beistle Lantern (Made in the USA) is quite iconic for the brand--it's sought after by collectors and commands quite a price when in very good condition. But it wasn't the first - the image below is another styling that pre-dates the one above. The one below was made in Germany. The difference between the two visually is quite striking. These are both listed in Mark Ledenbach's Halloween Collectibles Guide. The one below is valued in the 1st guide edition at $475. The one above is valued at $800. The one above recently sold at eBay for $1613.00 - it was in excellent shape. I love watching these lanterns when listed to see how high they go.



snowbear said...

I LOVE the first pumpkin... I would like to get a repro sometime. it's so great.

Artguy said...

I actually prefer the second lantern. It is more whimsical , and has a smiling face on one side and a frowning one on the other. I have one in my collection. I got it for around $100 some years ago.