Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Martha Stewart Living Halloween

In addition to the Martha Stewart Halloween special issue, there's always a bit of Halloween in the October issue different from the Halloween issue. While the cover isn't overtly a spooky Halloween cover, it does have a spooky darkness to the photography and the cover background. I enjoyed the issue on it's own, but the Halloween content was nice too. From tattoo art inspired projects (unusual!) to decorating ideas and some very nicely done pumpkin carving ideas you don't see elsewhere to the super fun Haunted House loot bags - and one of my favorites the decoupage and balloon craft ideas for Halloween--haven't seen that done like this. I didn't include the jack o' lantern balloon crafts but it involves string being tied around to create a pumpkin shape and it's pretty clever. Check out this issue--it's on stands now.


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