Saturday, August 31, 2013

Martha Stewart 2013 Halloween Special Issue

This year we have a Martha Stewart Halloween special issue on the stands thanks to Fairy GrandMartha! Fans of Martha Stewart Living will no doubt be thrilled to find the issue. There is a little bit of old content, but lots of new interesting ideas and great photographs and instructions as always.

There are some great paper craft ideas for loot bags, cupcake toppers, and hanging decorations - with clip art you can access at the website. There's pumpkin decorating ideas, sweetly sinister treats, and some neat costume suggestions. The "infested" article on bugs and such features a "wasp" nest complete with clip art wasps that is sure to creep you out--it certainly did me! Eeewe! I like the French inspired costumes - quite artsy.

Here are some images I snapped while flipping through the issue--the fossil cookies and the paper tombstone luminaries were especially cool:




Old Fashion Halloween said...

Mixed feelings about the issue so I looked but didn't buy. The old Martha Halloween magic has been fading overs the last few years.

Jenn said...

The content is much lighter last few years - it seems like they were bigger productions back in the day when she had her regular (not celeb visited/studio audience ones) show - and more festive. I do miss that!


Lorelei said...

I do love your posts. Wish I could share them via facebook/twitter, however. I'm a big fan of anything Halloween, or vampires. I loved the Martha Stewart shows on Halloween--if I could watch them, that is.

Karen Clayton said...

Okay love the tombstones. I'm so doing that. I already have the theme for this year's Halloween party picked out. Nephilims vs. Demons based off the popular middle grade novel, Mason Davis and the Rise of the Storm Makers. Menu is a snap junk food because both demons and nephilims like sugar. Costumes are even easier - hoodies, rubber bracelets, weapons, and junior ranger badges. Outside decroations - graveyard with skeletal hands rising up from the ground. I'm looking forward to martha stewarts other ideas. Mixing demonic and angelic elements into this years theme should prove interesting.