Sunday, August 25, 2013

2013 BH&G Halloween Magazine #2

Here's a couple more fun images from this year's Better Homes & Gardens Tricks and Treats Halloween Issue:

I like the display of pumpkins including some darker/white in the mix.

Loved the Crime Lab Party ideas--especially the fingerprint pillow above! So Nancy Drew!


The ad for foam crafts was filled with lots of ideas--10 pages worth--I liked these picks for photo props/decorations.

Had to include this ad for Starburst Candy Corn! I'm not sure if this has been out before this year, but I'm definitely trying some this year...



snowbear said...

I have never seen the starburt candy corn but will definitely buy a bag to try them out!

Karen Clayton said...

Yeah, my kids would love those too. I also saw that M&M has a candy corn flavored one.

Can't wait to try out all these new things at my annual Halloween party. This years theme? Nehilims vs. Demons based off the middle grade novel, Mason Davis and the Rise of the Storm Makers. Costumes should be easy for nephilims - a hoodie (since nephilims are notoriously cold natured) and a weapon.