Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 BH&G Halloween Magazine

I picked up the Halloween issue of Better Homes and Gardens - Tricks and Treats - this past weekend and enjoyed it. There were quite a few articles and party themes throughout but I enjoyed the chalk pumpkins, the wreath article, and the crime lab party especially. There was a 10 page Flora Craft ad featuring all the neat things you can do with styrofoam which I enjoyed quite a bit. Here's a few preview images from the wreath article that I liked:



Anonymous said...

I swear US citizens are the luckiest, there's nothing at my country, I barely bought a few ítems from michael's and pier1 at 4 times their original price, and there's no halloween issue no the magazines. I must make my own decorations and party ideas. Anyway, I love your blog and your reviews, I feel like I'm not the only weirdo that loves halloween 365!

snowbear said...

Loving the first 2 wreaths... neat that the one is rectangular and the second looks awesome with the stripes.