Friday, August 26, 2011

A Skeleton Frolic

The Halloween issue of BH&G and the Fall 2011 issue of Romantic Country have featured scenes with skeletons--very real looking ones, not the cheaper looking type ones. Shown above is a clever way to spice up your house on Halloween with a band of skeletons climbing on the roof.

Shown below is a friendly looking fellow sitting at the dining room table:

But how much does a skeleton like this cost? I've got a 3 foot one I got years ago at a party supply store but it looks more child-size compared to these. These are around 5' tall and those I discovered can be quite expensive.

Check out this one from Grandin Road at $79.00:

Here's a similar one at Spirit Halloween for only $49.99:

If you're on a budget, here's a more economical but not quite as aesthetically pleasing skeleton at Spirit Halloween for a bargain $19.99:

Sign up at Spirit Halloween for e-mails and you'll get sales and coupon codes to use on these too.

I checked some anatomy/medical websites and those skeletons--which look more like the ones in these articles--run in the hundreds++ and are quite spendy!

Another economical way to have a life size skeleton is to buy a bag of bones like these:

Using heads and hands/feet you can stuff an outfit or use a cape and add the head/hands/feet to give the appearance of a complete skeleton. Not quite the same effect though but maybe more in line with your budget.



Jeannine 520 said...

Or, for "Economical Plan B": Get a real skeleton; most towns have at least one cemetery full of skeletons that haven't been used for years. (You'll have to excuse me, I'm already heavily into the Halloween spirit this year!)

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love Grandin Road!! I am wanting a couple of things from them now so I had better hurry up and order!

dragonmamma said...

Or, you can make skeletons out of styrofoam plates like I did:

Super cheap, and you won't be heart-broken if somebody swipes them.

Jenn said...

@jeannine520 -- too funny :). @dragonmamma, thanks for the tips! @LuLuKellogg -- Grandin Road has some pretty neat stuff out this year!


Kim said...

Don't you just love that magazine? I picked it up at the store last night and quickly started surfing for skeletons to buy. Oddly enough, I ended up ordering two from the Spirit store after looking at the more economical model--then I came across the same skeletons on your blog!