Saturday, August 27, 2011

Martha Stewart Halloween 2011

Martha Stewart Halloween 2011

Here it is--Martha's special Halloween issue for 2011. On the cover is "Motha" a very spooky yet kind of deco looking Martha Stewart.

There are some things in this issue that are repeats, but a lot of new items too. I especially liked these items from the issue:

1. Wrap-o'-Lanterns - cute ideas with a Jol punch.

2. Silhouette decoupage shadow boxes.

3. This Old Haunt--I liked how they added the "boards" to the house windows and other haunted embellishments.

4. Clip art - enjoyed the vintage-style images!

5. I liked "Motha's" outfit--especially her sparkly platform heels!

6. Patchwork of Pumpkins - with the carved cameos and "varmints."

I would have liked to have seen a bit more but overall enjoyed it!

Here's a couple popular items from the 2011 Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween line that we carry in the Vintage Halloween Store:

Elegant Witch Wine Labels

Classic Halloween Wax Bags



Old Fashion Halloween said...

With Borders going out of business here I need to go hunt for this issue. The treat bags are adorable. I didn't buy them at Joann so I can order them from your shop!

Jenn said...


I found mine at Wal-Mart. Thanks :)


halloween spirit said...

It was good to see some new ideas in this year's issue. Even if a few older ones were slipped in among them. I loved the shadow boxes. And the cupcakes.

merricat said...

Glad to see it isn't all rehashed content. Thanks for the helpful review.