Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Halloween at Grandin Road

Grandin Road has their Halloween stuff up this year and there are some fun items--especially some of the figures. Martha has a mad scientist and a witch figure this year. Shown above is a glow in the dark clock from Martha Stewart that's cute.
Plate Set

Martha Stewart Ceramic Pumpkins



Anonymous said...

I LOVE almost everything of Martha Stewart's brand on Grandin Road, and some of the other items as well, but it seems like everything is way too expensive. Almost everything is $59.00 or $89.00.
Too bad. I'd like to buy most of it, but no way. I'm trying to think of ways do make something similar to theirs.
Also, thanks for all the tips! It's nice finding out where the goodies are early before they're all gone.

trickortreat said...

Confession: I have lust in my heart for the white pumpkins.