Thursday, October 28, 2010

Countdown to Halloween - Oct. 28th: Vintage Halloween Postcards

Collectors of Vintage Halloween Postcards, know these can get pricey depending in shape, scarcity and condition and artists who are especially popular. Generally they run anywhere from a few dollars into the hundreds.

The scenes depicted on vintage postcards run the gamut of cornfields, pranksters, fortune tellers, witches casting spells, veggie people come alive, devilish figures, and ghosts a plenty. The revelry and festive nature of the scenes as drawn is like a window into early 20th Century Halloween parties and customs.

Especially clever are some of the sayings on the postcards like this one:

"May jack-o-lanterns burning bright.
Of soft and golden hue.
Pierce through the Future's veil and show
What fate now holds for you."



Cellar Door said...

After careful study, methinks the postcard artist who drew the jack-o-lantern was one of Matt (The Simpsons) Groening's great-great grandparents. Tee-~hee! O how I do love the Halloween poetry that competes for the spotlight on ancient October holiday cards! Thank~you!

Cellar Door (<~~You're invited! Come for cake by clicking on the Birthday Girl's name!)

~~Carol~~ said...

These are definitely on my must-have list for my collection! You're right, they're very expensive, but I hope to find some in my price range one day!

Jenn said...

I really like the postcards but haven't gotten into them like I have the noisemakers and games--but it's coming :) ha!