Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Countdown to Halloween - Oct. 12th: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

One of my favorite stories set around Halloween at the climax of the tale is Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. From the autumn setting, to the spooky adventure involving bumbling Ichabod Crane and the mysterious headless horseman which leads to Crane's disappearance, it's a classic tale.

It's been told in different ways, retold for children, and been the subject of TV movies and big screen adaptations like the one staring Johnny Depp.

And it's even appeared as the theme of one episode of Scooby Doo:

A postal stamp was even issued some years back and can be found prevalently at eBay:

One of the earliest memories I have of this tale is the Disney movie version:

One of these days I'd love to go to the fall celebrations in Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown area New York. This year, however, our theme for Halloween is Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman--will post pictures at the Blog following Halloween.



Anna said...

I love the stamp!

jessie holmes said...

Love the Disney version (and the 'Wind and the Willows' film that generally goes with it). So warm and cozy and it gets me in the mood for Halloween. I plan on making it an October tradition in our house for my son.