Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Project - Skull & Bones Wreath

I try to make a Spooky Halloween Wreath each year -- sometimes to go along with my annual Nancy Drew Halloween party theme - this is one of my favorites so far! It's made using a bag of bones. Faux bones of course ;-)

Also - a wreath form (your choice of materials - I used a flat hard wood circle), wire, ribbon, something to wrap around to hide the wire if you're not drilling holes in all the bones, glue gun, and a drill to at least drill the skull so you can attach it easily. Embellishments like the crow are also fun. I purchased 2 bags of bones from different sources--one had less than the Oriental Traders bag linked above, so you'll see the bones from both bags above, 2nd skull has another use at the party.

Wrap the wreath form with your ribbon - I managed to run out of my black ribbon and didn't have a spare roll (oops!) so I made do with this great crepe fringe I have in the shop - used the black - and finished wrapping--gives a nice texture. I had a hot glue gun at the ready to glue down the ribbon and crepe fringe onto the back in several strategic places to secure it.

Lay out the bones in a possible pattern, then remove and begin attaching. Mine varied in the end piece a bit as I started adding and filling in what worked best. I started with some larger bones first and then tucked in and added smaller ones here and there - wrapping around with wire and twisting tight a few times in the back and trimmed the ends. I drilled 2 holes in the back of the skull and in the wreath form, threaded through wire and attached it securely. I didn't use all the bones, so now I've got extra bones to use in the party decorating and on the tables.

To hide the wire and give some texture and a little color (black's a color, right ;-) !) - I used more of the crepe fringe and wrapped around the wreath and the secured the end on the back with the hot glue.

I added 2 bows wired together with some wired ribbon at the base of the skull onto the wreath that I picked up at JoAnn featuring skulls and skeletons. Then as in the top image, I also wired a crow on the top of the head onto the wreath form. I wired a hanger at the top and voila, the creepy skull and bones wreath is ready to spook some of my guests soon at the party!


Old Fashion Halloween said...

Looks fabulous . Love the ribbon choice too.

Jennifer Fisher said...

Thanks :) I really liked this ribbon at JoAnn this year - I finally bought some when it was 30% off a couple of weeks ago--then this weekend when it was 60% off I found a couple more rolls at another store to stock up.