Sunday, August 31, 2014

Country Living October 2014 Magazine

Country Living October 2014 - it's very thin (sigh) and light on Halloween content--maybe it's not so light if you consider just how thin the issue is to put it in perspective. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed this year, the content is a bit blander than past October issues of Country Living. I'm pretty underwhelmed this year. I did like the cat garland shown below--they do have an article on treats and I did like the masked squirrel decoration in the background ;) There's a pumpkin decorating article--including the "rubber band spiderweb" one below...Also the page of crafts of which the cat garland might be the best, was a little on the blah side.



Paula Collins said...

I just love that black cat garland! I need to make that. Is there instructions? I hope the issue is for sale at the store?!

Jennifer Fisher said...

Yes you can get the magazine at the stores and the instructions are in there too.


mbrcutie said...

I too am less than dazzled over their Halloween issue. Country Living's Halloween status has been on a slow decline for me for quite some time now.