Sunday, September 2, 2012

Woman's Day Halloween Celebrations 2012

Woman's Day Halloween Celebrations

I picked up the annual Halloween edition put out by Woman's Day today at Barnes & Noble. The ghost cupcakes on the cover look yummy!

Inside there's some new content, but a big portion of the magazine is 75 of their favorite ideas over the years for Halloween decorations, crafts, and treats.

Did you know, there's a Spook City, CO? Or a Witch Lake, MI? How about Scary, WV?

I enjoyed the decoration ideas with pumpkins and porch decor and the pumpkin farm article was nice. There are 2 party set ups - one for kids and one for adults.

Of the 75 favorite ideas from issues past, I especially enjoyed the candy corn decorating--garlands, tree, wreath. Definitely going to have to try the sweet and salty candy corn fudge.



Lorelei said...

I wanna eat one of those! Yum!

Anna said...

I'm wondering if I'll get this in the mail since I subscribe to Woman's Day. I suppose I'll wait until my October issue comes. I think last year I had to buy the special magazine at the store. Looks like it's full of great ideas!

Jenn said...

@Anna--I don't think you get the special issue with the regular subscription--I believe you will have to buy it separately.

Anna said...

Thanks for the info, Jenn!

snowbear said...

I have not been to Barnes and Noble as of yet to check out the halloween issues.. i really need to get there!