Monday, September 10, 2012

Country Living October 2012 Magazine

Country Living October 2012 Issue

I picked up the October 2012 issue of Country Living today. The cover features some pumpkins and mentions Halloween ideas. For you vintage collectors, there are no vintage or vintage style Halloween features this year. Not even in the collecting section.

There are 3 spooky craft ideas like a mini ghost town and some neat magnifying glasses made spooky--I especially liked the magnifying glass idea. Like last year's issue, there's an article on pumpkin decorating. An article on candy apple decorating. They have an article on "arsenic and old lace" featuring decorating with "arsenic" and lace which was interesting. The last several years haven't been as focused on Halloween as they used to be it would seem, however, it may be that this was due this year to the fact that there's a special compilation Country Living/Redbook/Good Housekeeping Halloween Magazine out on the stands. I'll feature that one in another Blog post.


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Anna said...

I will definitely have to pick this one up. I like the idea of the ghost town and magnifying glass!