Friday, August 31, 2012

Vintage Martha - 1999 Halloween Special Clip

Vintage Martha Stewart Living Halloween Clip

I was searching for a MSL clip on You Tube and ran across this old clip from her '99 special--boy did the kids seem scared ;-) Amusing! Enjoy :) I discovered there's not a whole lot of vintage Martha clips on You Tube, I have old video tapes from some of her past shows but wanted to highlight some of those things here for you. Her website does have some clips however, that you can check out for great Halloween How-Tos!



Anna said...

This is so much fun to watch, thanks for sharing!

snowbear said...

Great video clip... makes you want to have a party!!

Treasures By Brenda said...

Love Martha Stewart as a Halloween resource and the old video clips are fun. I once had the Halloween shows all taped on VHS. Now I can only enjoy the Halloween shows through clips such as the one you've shown here.