Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spooktacular Halloween Party Invites

Calling All Spooky Party Guests!

Getting people to your Halloween party might be easy if you're know for throwing a fabulous affair :) Sometimes it doesn't hurt to pamper them a little with a fun and festive invite! We've got several festive invites at The Vintage Halloween Store. These 2 invitation kits from Martha Stewart are clever! The Spinner Invites shown above have a real working spinner and the striped envelopes lined with orange paper are so clever.

The Specimin Box Invites are a sweetly sinister way to entice some spooksters to join you as well!

Whatever you do this Halloween, make sure your invitations are memorable and Spooktacular!


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Halloween Party Games said...

These invites look perfect for any Halloween party! Thanks for the great idea, may make some myself! Thats the invites and games sorted, now for decorations :) purchased some fab Halloween Pinatas over the weekend, arrived this morning well chuffed!