Saturday, September 4, 2010

Country Living Halloween - October 2010

The October issue of Country Living is now out and features some very neat witch cupcakes on the cover! The design is stamped onto rolled fondant. Clever! There's a feature on using fondant to create some nifty dessert accents.

Featured in this issue are the Martha Stewart Crafts Vampire Invitations which were carry in the store:

There's a really neat card-stock raven by Wendy Addison too that's available from Tinsel Trading.

I like the idea of creating Halloween shapes out of the paper doll technique. And the article on the pumpkins and the clever carvings is neat--I like the lighted haunted village pumpkins and the tree in the bookshelf crafted out of an array of pumpkins. And there are some clever crafts using crepe streamers!



Old Fashion Halloween said...

I was just getting ready to post about Tinsel Trading. Their are a few cute items in that collection.

Jenn said...

They do have some neat ones--I'd love to visit that store in person one of these days when I get back to NYC.