Thursday, August 26, 2010

Martha Stewart 2010 Halloween Handbook

Just picked up the new Halloween Handbook bookazine from Martha Stewart. It features more than 150 enchanging ideas for costumes, decor, tricks, and treats. It is fa compilation of favorites from past issues and special issues with the new Spellbinding Sorceress costume ideas that Martha sports on the cover. Love the blingy rings.



SparkleFarkle said...

Thanks for the head's up--I always look forward to Martha's Halloweenie ideas! The handbook is definitely a "good thing." But I have to laugh--> first glance at Martha as a sorceress had me flashing back a smitch-me studying manic accordian/piano player Jo Ann Castle on The Lawrence Welk Show! (<--click)LOL!

Jenn said...

Very beehive-ish isn't it!

Anna said...

I happened to be in Walgreen's on Thursday and saw this and had to pick it up! Such wonderful ideas that seem to be easy to make!