Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vintage Halloween Noisemakers at eBay #3

Cute witch. Bad witch! This noisemaker has it all. Found recently at eBay.

Clickers are fun. They came with a nice variety of images and even varied in shape and size.



magikalseasons said...

Great noisemakers!

Beth from said...

Very nifty noisemakers! I don't own any - yet :) Maybe this year will be the year I don't get out-bid!

Jenn said...

They really are fun to collect--and you can often find these at your local antique stores and antique malls. I've found quite a few in local shops. Sometimes the prices are pretty reasonable too.


Mister D, the Dustwitch said...

The cute pin-up witch makes that noisemaker one of my favorites I own. It also helps make her one of the more desirable noisemakers out there.