Sunday, August 30, 2009

BH&G Halloween Issue Preview

This weekend, while out shopping, I picked up several Halloween/October theme magazines. Better Homes & Gardens Special Halloween issue is out and full of festive things. There's a nice but short piece on vintage Halloween with information and tips from Mark Ledenbach. Shown below are pages from the article.

Other things of note include some carving tips for pumpkin carvers, and some gothic haunted Halloween ideas. All the candy and goodies make me hungry :)


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Mister D, the Dustwitch said...

I enjoy Mark Ledenbach's collection but the man is obviously the world's biggest braggart. I've never read an antique guide where the author GUSHED on and on about his items being the best there is. How does he know you or I don't have a better condition collectible than him?