Thursday, October 30, 2008

Matthew Mead Halloween, Country Home, & Martha Stewart

In need of a few last minute decorating or party ideas!? Check these out:

Have you seen this book?! You can find it online at book sellers like Amazon or locally at your bookstores and even at places like Wal-Mart or Walgreens! I happened upon it at Walgreens one day, and just fell in love with it!

It has a great array of party ideas and recipes and so many of them are really easy! The author is Matthew Mead, a Country Home Magazine editor! We were featured in Country Home in the October 2007 issue in a vintage collectibles section. It's a fun magazine, I recommend it!

In this book I recommend especially the owl party--I love owls, so this was quite cute! Martha Stewart's Craft Line this year has a line of owls--punches, stamps, window clings, stickers, etc. that would add flair to any owl planning!

What I enjoy most about this book is the vintage flair--in the imagery and the style of decorating! Plus the art deco feel that is reminiscent of the 20s and 30s Halloween imagery! The countdown of 13 days and tricks is great as is the trick or treat tower. There are neat templates in the back and a lot of great downloads at Matthew's website:

Check out the October 2008 issue of Country Home as well--Matthew has some neat "bewitching ideas" on page17+ including great container favors and a pumpkin party starting on page 84. Check out the pumpkins painted with chalkboard paint--cute idea!

Martha Stewart's October 2008 issue was, as always, spooktacular--the decorating ideas and the gorgeous photography--especially of all the pumpkin varieties was great. The pumpkin clock on the cover was superb. I'll be trying out the mouse motel pumpkin this year! The clipart invites inspired by vintage invites were great. All of the good things were especially fun.

With so many of the magazines out this year being a disappointment as to their Halloween decorating--some having very little Halloween at all!, these three are stellar!


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