Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Old-Time Halloween Party Games

An old-time Halloween party is the perfect theme for any modern Halloween party. Mixing old and new can create an interesting and historical bridge to the past and yet keep traditions alive in the present and future.

If you're going for a vintage flair to your parties this year, I recommend some old-time party games to help set the mood.

Here are two old-time party games from the 1926 Dennison Bogie Book:

Blindfold Witch Fortunes

A blindfold witch stands in the center of the circle. All join hands and dance around and around until the witch says, "Stop!" Someone who has previously been selected to interrogate the witch asks a question that might apply to anyone present, such as, "Who will be a famous opera star?" The witch takes a step forward and points. The person to whom she points is the answer. All join hands again and dance. Repeat eight or ten times.

Broom Dance

One person has a broom for a partner (if desired it may be dressed as a witch, ghost or other appropriate "creature"). All other dancers are evenly matched. The music stops suddenly and the person dancing with the broom drops it and all change partners. The person who does not secure a partner is compelled to dance with the broom. Repeat quite often in order to keep the fun lively.



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