Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dennison Bogie Book Party Ideas

The Dennison Bogie books were a great source for party planning that advertised many of the Dennison Halloween decorations available that particular year each book was printed. They are a great resource today for what was available and provide some interesting old-time party tips and suggestions.

If you want to provide vintage flair to your parties, I recommend picking one of these up. They might cost you a pretty penny depending on where you purchase them as they routinely sell for upwards of 50.00 to 200.00+ at auction at eBay. There used to be a seller who sold reproductions at eBay.

Here are some party tips from the 1926 Bogie Book to inspire you:

1. The invitation offers the first chance for real originality.

2. Fortunately, Halloween decorations need not be a related scheme, the more weird and spooky the better.

3. No matter how simple or elaborate the decorations are in the dining room, the table itself must be a bright spot of color.

4. There is nothing that gives such satisfactory results for overhead decorations as crepe paper festoons and streamers.

5. Dance favors are popular for Halloween parties and noise makers are always among the most interesting.

6. With the help of cut-outs and crepe paper the very simplest articles may be transformed into attractive and unusual favors.