Friday, October 16, 2015

Vintage Halloween Noisemaker?

I added this vintage Kirchhof horn noisemaker to my collection recently - it features costumed ladies and gents that remind me of the old Dennison Bogie Books with their crepe costumes. It is in orange/black - so I wonder if it was available during Halloween season? If anyone has any clues, please comment.



Sheryl992 said...

I don't know for sure but I would guess it was available during Halloween time. I have seen these before but yours looks like it has the Tin(?) mouthpiece and I have only seen them without a mouthpeice. I do know that I wouldn't mind finding one at a good price. Nice purchase!!

Winter Moon said...

I love this! ♥

Jennifer Fisher said...

Yes, tin. It's interesting for sure! But the coloring is so Halloween - New Year's are typically so colorful with lots of reds, blues, yellow and things like that, that it makes me wonder if it was indeed around during the Halloween season. I've never seen another like it, but I haven't looked hard for this style either.