Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Halloween 2013 at Michaels #1

Halloween at Michaels:

I stopped by my Michaels today and they didn't have much of their Halloween out yet--some fall foliage and just a few items on an end cap shown above as well as ribbon.

However, I was checking out their garden & summer lines clearance stuff and found some neat stuff in black and orange and also white that could be used in your decorating - at 60% or more off too! Here's some ideas:

These black vases and black and white items would be fun to make arrangements with. They also had some summer clearance in orange and I picked up one of the black vases and also these orange baskets and the "picnic" utensils basket to use at my Halloween party this year:

The orange baskets are really neat--all metal too--plan on putting loot bags and other take-aways in these. They also had black/white polka dot plastic trays and plates which would be fun for Halloween.

These were not on clearance but the hobnail style ones would be fun to use as vases:



The Artful Gypsy said...

Aaahh....your Michael's had much more than mine did last week. There was NO actual Halloween items out yet. But that was over a week ago, so you give me hope that there will be more out by this weekend! Great thinking on the orange and black discount items too. I didn't see any of the black and white things you posted at my Michael's either. Maybe I will hit up a few different ones to see what they have. Thanks for posting! :o)

Jenn said...

You're welcome :) I meant to check for black flowers to make some stuff with but forgot, so I'll be heading back this weekend--hoping they'll have more stuff out by then :)



OMG, Halloween!!! I hope it doesn't come to soon as my b'day is in October too! Actually it's so close already, as I can't believe we're in July! I love the Michaels's things, though. I was just in Flo. and I got great patriotic dishes there, but no Halloween yet, lol.. Hugs,

The Professor said...

Squeeee! Let the Halloween hunt begin! Thanks for the heads up. Hugs from NYC.

snowbear said...

You found a lot of great black/white/orange items perfect for using in a Halloween / Fall decor!