Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Halloween Goodies Arriving!

Halloween Goodies in Stock!

This is only part of what arrived today on the porch this morning! I noticed 2 boxes outside, took out Snickers the Beagle for her morning run around the yard and when I came back in, I couldn't see out the front window for all the boxes stacked up!

Here's a preview of a few things that came in today--you can view these here at the Vintage Halloween Store:

 Glamour Masquerade Girl

 Mini Felt Treat Bags

 Rattling Bones Party Hats

 Spooky Vintage Image Totes

FABULOUS Tin Witch Game
(LOVE this!)



Kathy said...

I dearly love Halloween and so happy I found you I will keep checking in. I have a great deal of vintage halloween and each year I say I am going to part with some of it and each year I want with anticipation to put it out. Enjoy Kathy

Jenn said...

Kathy--Thanks:) We've found some neat things to add to the shop this year--they're all so neat. One thing I love about Halloween is how festive everything is :)


snowbear said...

These are such neat Halloween items.. I can't wait to see the rest... it must be such great fun to receive all of these goodies each year!!! Would be hard for me to part with them...