Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Maybe Too Much of a Skeleton Frolic?

So, there I was in Walgreens snapping up one of these spiffy life size skeletons for my annual Halloween party--couldn't pass up the $30 bargain!

At first I was carrying Mr. Bones throughout the store to amused looks from shoppers. Awkward! Then he ended up in the shopping cart sporting a goofy grin on what's left of his face--still a bit awkward.

I checked out and was headed out to the car when a woman going in squealed about how awesome Mr. Bones was. As I'm standing there holding Mr. Bones and chatting with her in the middle of the parking lot, his arm falls off, clattering across the parking lot. ;-)

Oh the things I do for Halloween! Ha.



Anna of Halloween Night said...

LOL!!!!! Too funny!! Did you ever get his arm back??

Madame Jen said...

HA HA!!! Love it!!!

Jenn said...

Yes--his arm didn't go too far--and it popped right back in thankfully ;)